New versus Traditional Marketing

Since my first post was dedicated to beginning to explain what is a ‘Modern Marketer’ (although I’ll admit it is a work in progress)I thought I should comment on the second part of the blog title, ‘Exploring New and Traditional Marketing Strategy’. I classify ‘Traditional Marketing’ as following classic frameworks like the 4 p’s of product, price, place and promotion, and models such as STP or Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning, which are still extremely relevant to the Modern Marketer. On the other side, ‘New’ Marketing is exploring such topics as SoLoMo or Social, Local, and Mobile Strategies, Inbound Marketing, Website SEM/SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Connectivity issues. These new(er) aspects of marketing have fundamentally changed the way marketing works and the relationship consumers have with the products they buy and the firms that provide them. As this shift of  both traditional and new marketing activity continues to change the way consumer’s buy, we marketers have to be extremely agile in understanding the long term strategic ramifications of our Marketing efforts. This blog will comment on and explore those issues as well.


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