So what is a Modern Marketer?

themodernmarketerA Modern Marketer is  first and foremost a student of the practise of Marketing. The Modern Marketer utilizes traditional Marketing concepts and frameworks and re-interprets them in the ever evolving marketplace, adapting and utilizing strategies that accomplish their objectives. Modern marketing blends both on and off line strategies(bricks and clicks as it were) to achieve maximum exposure for the brand. As a learning process, the Modern Marketer follows a simple learning  loop: plan, do, measure, learn and then repeat, this process is a key competititve advantage.  At the core a Modern Marketer “Thinks Different” .

This  framework is meant to provide a way of describing how a Modern Maketer tackles the monumental task of creating value in a fragmented, over communicated and highly segmented world.

The focus is on the  I.D.E.A.:

Innovative – products, brands, campaigns, processes; stand out to create value

Design  – using the elements of good design, both aesthetic and user experience:seeing from the customer perspective

Entrepreneurial – the mindset of doing and creating unique value or as Steve Jobs said “think different”

Actionable Metrics – If you cannot measure, you cannot learn, and if you cannot act from that learning…


This site will explore these principles and more in defining what is the Modern Marketer.